Collecting Antiques - More Than Accumulation of Stuff

Collecting antiques can be a super fun hobby and there are many of us who do it.  Some, however, may consider the collector to be an accumulator of junk.  Some collectors may consider the hobby to be that as well.  So as a passionate antique collector, dealer, and decorating enthusiast, I would like to share my thoughts on this subject.

Collecting is more than acquiring stuff.  Collecting can quickly become a creative enjoyment as you research the history of the piece, find other examples of similar pieces, and become creative in showing off your collections in display. Seeing other people's display arrangements will oftentimes be just the boost you need to do something different with your own.

The social aspect of collecting is also an important part of the hobby.  There is a new world of engagement that opens up as the collector shares his collections & knowledge with others albeit in a 'show format', convention with other collectors, friends with the same interests or through the many 'COLLECTing' social sites online such as which I think is the A Number One antique social networking site.

Then there is the business aspect for those of us who are collectors - turned dealers.  This area opens up to a world where you may never be bored again.  There are so many ways to sell your acquisitions and so many methods of marketing available today that you can easily spend days and never get done.  However, when you are doing something you love to do, that's a good thing and it's not considered work. 

And finally,  but by no means the last of my reasons, the enjoyment of collecting antiques or vintage or whatever,  provides you with a passion that lifts you up and carries you on as you enjoy the exhilerating excitement of a new found treasure, a good sale, the sharing of your passion,  and ultimately the personal satisfaction of being able to do something that you truly ENJOY!

So if you like it... and explore all the many areas of enjoyment that is out there waiting on your participation in an exciting hobby.

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